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UpperSlide: A decade of crafting upper cabinet storage solutions

Mike's passion for carpentry traces back to the time spent in his grandfather's garage. Within that space, surrounded by the aroma of fresh pine and the rhythmic hum of old tools, he discovered the subtle art of transforming challenges into solutions. Carpenters, he realized, are artists of a unique kind—crafting from canvases of wood, wielding saws instead of brushes, and adorned in sawdust rather than paint.

At the heart of UpperSlide lies the simplicity inherent in the art of woodwork—a spirit not forged in the crucible of a grand crisis, but rather shaped by the daily struggle against kitchen clutter and chaos. Our rhythmic daily dance with teetering containers served as the spark, kindling a revolution that unfolded, one smooth slide at a time.

A decade ago, Old Glory 1 Woodworks made its lasting impact, forming from an idea that took shape almost a full decade prior. This creative spark, cultivated nearly 20 years ago, eventually evolved into the foundation of Old Glory 1 Woodworks. It didn't originate as a company; instead, it blossomed as a response to the challenges of cluttered cabinets. We've all experienced the cabinet Jenga game, delicately opening the door, hoping to avoid an avalanche of storage containers. Mike recognized a need for change. Enough was enough.

Fueled by a passion to transform kitchen experiences, in his garage, an endeavor unfolded against overflowing shelves and precariously stacked containers. The goal was to outsmart kitchen clutter, one pull-out solution at a time. Each prototype and refinement represented a victory in this ongoing quest to enhance kitchen functionality and bring order to chaos.

In a decade filled with invaluable experiences, Old Glory 1 Woodworks embarked on a transformative journey—from the triumph of the UpperSlide Cabinet Caddy to the widespread success of our best-selling UpperSlide Spice Rack Pull Outs and an array of innovative solutions.

This journey has been a rich source of lessons, teaching us the nuances of thriving in the e-commerce landscape, the importance of strategic partnerships, and the ongoing pursuit of innovation. In 2017, we ventured into the realm of home décor with the launch of our OG1W Collection, broadening our offerings to cater to diverse needs.

Between the years 2014 and early 2020, Old Glory 1 Woodworks encountered and triumphed over numerous trials, with the unprecedented challenges of the 2020 Covid pandemic looming largest. Supply chain disruptions and dwindling sales threatened the very existence of our nearly six-year-old business. Amidst these struggles, a unique and deeply personal challenge arose with Hanna, our daughter and integral team member. In March 2020, she fell ill and faced the profound effects of being a Covid Long Hauler. Enduring 18 emergency room visits and three hospital admissions, Hanna's health became a daily uncertainty, shifting our priorities away from the business.

Hanna's resilience and fighting spirit prevailed, and although she will never be the same person she was before March 2020, we are immensely grateful to still have her with us. Without her, we would have lost more than just a team member—we would have lost our business and ourselves.

Navigating the post-pandemic landscape unveiled a fresh set of challenges, encompassing supply chain disruptions and escalating material costs. The e-commerce arena introduced an additional obstacle as our authentic designs encountered imitation from overseas competitors, utilizing inexpensive labor and materials. Within this ever-evolving landscape, the core values of woodworking and the unparalleled quality of our products took precedence.


From day one, our mission has been to preserve quality craftsmanship and maintain the handmade integrity of our products. All items crafted by Old Glory 1 Woodworks are, and will always be, handcrafted in the United States with 99% American-made content. Our ability to adapt and evolve is unwavering, but we remain rooted in our commitment to solving common household struggles. Specifically, our dedication to crafting upper cabinet storage solutions with slide-out convenience continues to drive our mission forward.


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